Let’s get peated!

Classic of Islay (56,4%, Jack Wiebers Whisky World, 2012, cask #3013)

Here we go! First post is on the way.


Nose: Burning peat fire, which combines wonderful with a phenolic smokeyness. Sweetness and dark fruits appear after a while. Then it’s getting fresher – like peppermint – maybe due to the high alcoholic strength?! A blend of spices, marzipan and buttered hazelnuts.

Taste: Even more intense than the nose. You can feel bonfire directly on your tongue followed by a gentle sweetness. Then there is a nice prickling on the cheeks, which leads to salivation. Still very intense. On the palate you get coffee and a taste of dark chocolate. The bonfire is still there, although it is blistering instead of throwing flames throughout the mouth. Now caramel and vanilla indications are coming to the front. Still prickling, still bonfire, still intense.


Finish: Very long and warm. The smoke is all over the mouth. The bonfire will not burn or blister anymore, but it is still glowing. In the end it’s getting drier although the sweetness never completely disappears.

Conclusion: People say, that Classic of Islay is a (young) Lagavulin and I won’t disagree. The dark and fruity sweetness combined with the peaty smokeyness is beautiful arranged with the cask. This leads – in my opinion – to a voluminous, but in all layers balanced single malt. Thinking of what you would normaly pay for a Lagavulin, this stuff is really good value for money.

Points: 89/100


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