Kind of atypical

Laphroaig Triple Wood (48%, OB, 2012)

Nose: At first there is the very intense, aromatic and phenolic smokeyness of Laphroaig. At next it’s getting sweeter. Then fresh Apples come to mind which will turn into seasoned Apples. Vanilla, salt, oak, iodine reflect the typical characteristics of Laphroaig.


Taste: Spicy, oak peat and smoke. Sweetness comes throught but the burning peat won’t disappear. Tastes of a cold bonfire and again oak, salt and iodine.

Finish: A long and warm finish, which turns from sweet to dry. Still associating a (glowing) bonfire.

Conclusion: A Laphroaig Quarter Cask finished in (Oloroso?) sherry casks. Good stuff but in my opinion the Triple Wood is not a progression of the 10yo and the Quarter Cask. Instead of getting an addition of aromas it is more a mix with the aromas you allready have. For me it is unclear what the achievement with this malt is.

Points: 85/100


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